180 Flashcards to Pass CSWP with 100%

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The best way to learn something is by a technique called spaced repetition,  flashcards.
I’ve made 180 flashcards so that you can pass the Solidworks CSWP with a 100% score like I did. I utilized the following resources to compose the flashcards:

Gabriel Corbett’s Linkedin Learning CSWP course
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MySolidWorks CSWP Exam Prep Course
Model Mania
CSWP Sample Exercises
-Nearly a hundred YouTube videos

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Sample flashcard #95


Sample Flashcard #111: The CSWP is about speed. I’ve included huge time-saving tips as part of the flashcards.



Sample Flashcard #157



Sample Flashcard #180: You should definitely study Model Mania 2009 part. Trust me. This is not giving you too much information, it’s all fair game. ____________________________________

The SolidWorks CSWP is an industry-standard certification. If you’re going to get one SolidWorks certification, my recommendation is that you get this one.  If you’ve found this content of value, please “share” this article on social media. I want to hear from you, let me know if you were able to get 100% on your CSWP, I’m “Rafael Testai” on Linkeidn.

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