51 Branding Statistics You Need to Know In 2021

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51 Branding Statistics You Need to Know In 2021

We always talk about how important branding is for growing your business, and it never hurts to repeat ourselves. 

Regardless of your industry, having a strong brand is a crucial part of establishing yourself in the market. Good branding helps you separate yourself from competitors, form positive relationships with your audience, and turn that audience into loyal customers. 

However, we know that it can be difficult to understand the what’s, how’s, and why’s of good branding, and sometimes it’s more helpful to sit back and let the numbers do the talking instead of us!  

So, check out these 37 branding statistics – separated by branding category – that you need to know in order to create your brand and take it to the next level.

Statistics on Making
First Impressions

1. You have 7 seconds to make a first impression, so your brand needs to be well-designed from the get-go, with a clear message.

2. It takes between 5-7 impressions to even start creating brand awareness. Consistency is everything. When creating content for your brand’s social media channels, make sure it repeatedly emphasizes your brand message.

3. 13% of consumers would pay up to 50% more for your products or services if they had the impression that your business makes a positive world impact. In other words, first impressions pay off!

4. 73% of consumers say they love a brand because of helpful customer service. Branding is about cultivating a positive perception around your company, and having friendly customer service is a big part of forming a positive impression.

5. It takes 90 seconds of initial viewing before people make a subconscious judgment about a product, so it’s important to nail your colors down before you begin product branding

General Branding Statistics

6. 73% of people prefer brands that personalize the shopping experience. Customized emails and offering special deals are readily accepted by shoppers.

7. 62% of consumers share online deals with their friends. This is great for business and is a stepping stone to word of mouth marketing and increasing brand visibility.

8. When buying new products, 59% of shoppers prefer to buy from the brands they trust, and 21% say they purchased a new product because it was from a brand they like. Needless to say, it’s important to build your brand.

9. 38% of moms are more likely to purchase products and services from brands other women “Like” on Facebook. Community breeds trust, so keep that in mind when marketing your business.

11. 72% of the best brand names are made-up words or acronyms. A little bit of a creative license goes a long way, so try to be unique with your next business name!

12. Cost, experience, quality, and consistency are the top 4 qualities people use to describe why they are loyal to a brand. So make note and use this combination to your advantage.

Brand Personality Statistics

13. A study of consumer behavior showed that 94% of customers are likely to be loyal to a brand that offers complete transparency. To foster positive relationships with your customers as a brand, honesty really is the best policy.

14. 31% of consumers believe that trustworthiness is the most important aspect of a brand, while 4 in 10 Americans have boycotted a brand they associate with irresponsible behavior in the past year.

15. 86% of shoppers prefer an authentic and honest brand personality on social media. Your audience is going to take to social media to learn about you, so make sure your (authentic) personality is just as prominent there.

16. Over 60% of consumers say they would boycott a brand that politically offends them. Unless politics are an important part of your brand message, you may want to consider steering clear of them altogether.

17. 89% of shoppers stay loyal to brands that share their values. Are you emphasizing your core values? Good! Now find the audience whose core values align with yours – they’ll