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Heckler appoints Vanessa Thomas as Executive Producer

Animation, visual effects and production house Heckler has announced the appointment of Vanessa Thomas as Executive Producer to the Singapore studio. Thomas joins with over 15 years of local and international experience, having worked with global advertising agencies and production houses including...

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Check Out How Street Fighter-Red Bull Stop Motion Fight Is Made

Do you own any action figures? You know, the ones with so many points of articulation than you know so you just keep them in the same two or three poses for all eternity? A YouTuber going by the name of the Animist has a ton of these well-articulated figures. But instead of posing them once and plac...

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Create 3D Printed Finger Flicker With Over 533 Grams of Force

Do you remember playing that origami football game back in school? The one where two players would take turns flicking a triangular piece of paper from one end of the “field” to the other, with the occasional field goal requiring you to flick the triangle through a goalpost made by your opponent’s h...