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by Super Admin - 1 week ago

YouTuber BLACKHAND Makes A DIY Card Shooting Gun

Even if you don’t have the best poker face, you know there’s a lot of fun to be had with playing cards. You can use them as bookmarks, fling them into open hats, or with your card-flicking accuracy, pelt your friends with a ninja-flurry of hearts, spades, and clubs. While DIY YouTuber BLACKHAND’...

by Super Admin - 1 week ago

Start Them Young: Kids’ Video Game Maker

I will never forget the day that I saw my young cousin glued to his iPad, playing Angry Birds. We were on vacation and my family was begging him to put the iPad down and join in the family fun. But he would not be swayed; he felt the call of the birds. That was when I first thought: how did these p...