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New 3D Printing Process: Droplet-Based Multiphase Emulsion

Researchers at UC Davis have developed an unusual new form of 3D printing that uses Droplet-Based Multiphase Emulsion. One of the big challenges in 3D printing is the inability to handle multiple materials. Typical 3D printers of today can 3D print a single material at a time, with certain more...

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Things to Stop Saying: “I Know Enough to Be Dangerous”

You’ve heard it said before.  Maybe from a manager or coworker. Maybe during an interview to try to connect or relate.  Maybe during crunch time as a misguided offer of assistance.  Maybe from someone that slapped their knee and gave you a little bump with their elbow like they were the first...

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Linked: Goldman Sanchs

Visit Link I'm not a fan of Goldman Sachs but take out the "ch", replace it with an "n", and I'm board with this really nice new...