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by Super Admin - 1 week ago

Apple M1 Chip

Yesterday marked a new historic step for those of us who follow the 'fruit company'.& The MacBook Air and the MacBook Pro 13" with the new Apple silicon are now available. The new M1 chip as it is called made me think how far we have actually co...

by Super Admin - 1 month ago

The Typography Lover’s Essential Collection

Pleased to say that the following will appeal to font lovers and typography enthusiasts. Read on if you are up to extend your font library without giving your wallet a heart attack. With The Typography Lover’s Essential Collection fro...

by Super Admin - 1 month ago

Free Live Design Sessions

Some free learning is always a nice bonus isn't it? That's what they are doing to mark their 7th birthday. They have a lineup of 25 live design sessions scheduled during this two week period. This will be their biggest live event to...

by Super Admin - 2 months ago

Create a Circle Spirograph in Adobe Illustrator

Complex looking graphics like spirographs look like they're difficult to create, but as I mentioned before, this can be a bit deceiving. As promised, here is another follow-up tutorial on how to create such spirograph. This time we're going to focus...

by Super Admin - 2 months ago

Using Symbols in Adobe Illustrator

Symbols is something I don't actually use much in Adobe Illustrator, but it can be pretty handy if you know you'll be re-using elements in your artwork.& I've been working on a series of illustrations where each illustration uses a lot of the sa...

by Super Admin - 3 months ago

Web Design Link Picks #0132 #0133 #0134 #135

The web remains a great source of information and resources to learn from. In this edition I've selected some of its finest. I'll start with something useful if you find yourself wrestling with CSS layout. There are also a lot of videos of all the t...

by Super Admin - 3 months ago

Graphic Design Link Picks #0132 #0133 #0134 #135

Get ready because there are some pretty good resources coming your way. I'll start with five unusual nuggets of Apple logo information from Rob Janoff. If you need to create an infographic but don't know how to start you'll like the tutorial that is...

by Super Admin - 3 months ago

EFIX cartoon character street art

& EFIX is a street artist from France who's quirky art using famous cartoon characters blend in perfectly with their surroundings....& See more in their Instagram Feed hereSubscribe to this feed

by Super Admin - 3 months ago

Greener Living Brochure Design

A brochure design for Greener Living about their business in general and their renewable heating systems. Greener Living are the UK's biggest installer of Air Source Heat Pumps with offices in Sheffield and London.& Subscribe to this feed

by Super Admin - 3 months ago

Give Your Font Library a Boost

Let's talk fonts again. There's this new bundle called The Type Designer’s Luxury Font Library that got my attention. I'm always looking to change things up a little when it comes to my font library. If you are thinking similarly, I'm pretty sure th...

by Super Admin - 4 months ago

Web Design Link Picks #0128 #0129 #0130 #0131

Who's hungry for another round of useful resources? They all cover interesting reading material from the world of web design.& We are going to take a look at animating image columns, creating an accessible language picker and also looking how yo...

by Super Admin - 4 months ago

Graphic Design Link Picks #0128 #0129 #0130 #131

Time for another round of useful resources that are geared toward graphic design. In this edition we have a look a record label logos for inspiration. If you ever wanted to draw isometric illustrations your are in luck as there's a tutorial included...

by Super Admin - 4 months ago

'Laying The Foundations' Book Review

Setting up a design system is not a small job. There are so many things to consider. You might also just wonder if you, or the company you work at (or for), actually need it? If you need to know how to get started, which approach is most& suitab...