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by Super Admin - 2020 years ago

Sony Now Selling a Wearable Personal Air Conditioner

Sony is now producing a portable, wearable personal air conditioner. Called the Reon Pocket, it comes with a dedicated undershirt with a pocket sewn below the nape of the neck; the smartphone-sized cooling unit sits in this pocket, and a "heat dissip...

by Super Admin - 2020 years ago

G-Shock Introduces New Heavy Duty Models

It seems like an oxymoron, but G-Shock--Casio's line of indestructible watches that you're likely to see on everyone from firefighters to mountain climbers, disaster preppers to soldiers--has announced their upcoming Heavy Duty line.As you can see th...

by Super Admin - 2020 years ago

The Merits of Sketching on Toned Backgrounds

In the pre-digital era, industrial designers had to keep a decent stock of colored Canson paper on hand for renderings. I still remember buying these as a design student; with little funds, I'd get no more than five at a time in random colors, at lea...