Handsome Table Lamps Made from Turned Brass, Aluminum or Stainless Steel

Industrial Design

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Any Art-Deco-era designer would've been thrilled to create these, but the form would have been impossible. Now that low-profile LEDs exist, however, Tokyo/New-York-based designer Nao Tamura can and did design these.

These Turn lamps, manufactured by Japanese lighting brand Ambientec, come in brass, aluminum or stainless steel.

You've probably noticed there's no visual switch. As for how they're operated:

"Using Ambientec's unique technology, it is a waterproof-cordless lamp embedded with a touch sensor, that one can adjust its light output in 4 increments to compliment a variety of occasions. Two types of LED segments were uniquely developed in order to generate a quality of light ranging from and replicating a candle like glow, to a bright luminous light that can bring out the colors in a meal or the brightness befitting reading."

My only criticism: For the sake of not leaving fingerprints and fiddling with a touch sensor, I'd have preferred a physical switch. (Then again, I've got a thing for switches.)