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“It’s Meh it’s Fridays”

New Logo for TGI Fridays UK

(Est. 1956 in the U.S. and 1983-ish in the UK, I believe) "TGI Fridays is a franchising operation, with franchisees owning most of the outlets. The largest franchisee is The Briad Group in New Jersey. Whitbread PLC was a major international franchisee. Up until 2007, Whitbread had 45 locations in the UK. On January 17, 2007, Whitbread sold operating rights of all 45 restaurants back to T.G.I. Fridays UK Limited (a consortium consisting of Carlson Restaurants Worldwide Inc. and ABN Amro Capital) thus exiting a partnership formed in 1986." (Wikipedia)

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New Logo for TGI Fridays UK
New Logo for TGI Fridays UK
Social media avatar.
New Logo for TGI Fridays UK
New Logo for TGI Fridays UK
New Logo for TGI Fridays UK
Cocktails. Rated PG except for the Pornstar Martini, like, what?

There is no info or release on this one and I doubt we’ll see anything but it’s a Friday so I’m going with that as the main prompt to post this. At this point I couldn’t tell you what is or what isn’t the actual TGI Fridays logo in the U.S., much less the UK, and I even wrote about the U.S. change in 2013 but in my mind I still picture the weird, ornate border, which makes a comeback in the UK, replacing the weird type-only UK version that sort of looked like the U.S. version but crappier and with a baffling stencil approach on the sideways “G”. The new logo is a better sans serif choice in the general sense but feels so heavy and boring as the choice for TGI Fridays. I kind of like the border in a very passive way — meaning I’m not emotionally or appetizingly moved by it in any direction. It looks good on the red stripes as seen here, which makes you wonder why they don’t make those vertical stripes a more meaningful aspect of the logo. The social media avatar is a little odd with the more condensed border but I can’t put my finger on why. The only application is the packaging for some cocktails and sure, it looks pretty good, but not fully on the merit of the logo but rather on the nice layout and blocky use of the stripes and the black box — even the free Work Sans looks good on it. Overall, hard to tell where they are going with this and they had a good idea in bringing back the border and changing the sans serif but ultimately it feels a little drab and the Friyay vibe is not there.