Siemens announces Solid Edge 2021

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Siemens Digital Industries Software announces the 2021 version of Solid Edge software, which includes design capability enhancements such as new subdivision modeling and improved reverse engineering performance with new deviation analysis. A new artificial intelligence-powered adaptive user interface to predict next steps, and a seamless integration with, an intelligent 3D model search engine powered by CADENAS, can be used to save valuable time in the upfront design phase.

Design at the speed of creative thought with new subdivision modeling, lightning-fast reverse engineering, a new user interface powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and an intelligent 3D model search engine in Solid Edge 2021.
Accelerate concepts using advanced surfacing to create distinctive products. Subdivision modeling works within the Solid Edge environment, enabling intuitive freeform modeling to all levels of users.

Enhancements have been made across the Solid Edge portfolio. These include:
– Fast, accurate 2D layout of industrial control panels with new cabinet panel design capabilities.
– An optimized integration between flow and structural simulation.
– A new searchable postprocessor database and improved roughing and adaptive milling capabilities accelerate Numerical Control programming.
– Enhanced cloud-based collaboration options with the introduction of Teamcenter® Share, which can be used with Solid Edge to synchronize desktop files to secure cloud storage.

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